Two-tone colour schemes

From the 1954 model year, P4s were available with two-tone colour schemes where only the roof is painted in a different colour to the rest of the body.

Laurie's engine bay 1 alex transistor radio cropped


From the 1958 model year, P4s were available in a more extensive range of colour combinations with the dividing line now moved to the waist-level trim. Rover suggested several within their sales material, however, they allowed the customer to chose alternative combinations. Here is a selection of the original colour combinations ordered from Rover.

Early Cyclpps radio Laurie's engine bay 3
David's 110 PW (11) 4 3
Bernhard's 100 Frank's 100
Charle Armstrong's 100 Ian's 110

Steve Crossley's 100

Awaiting new pic Blue over Black

David Walton's 100
Martin H's 100 Michael's 90