Dashboards and controls

The original 75 (Cyclops) rectangular instruments which were replaced with the round chrome surround instruments. Finally, for the 95 and 110 models, the chrome surround instruments were replaced with more modern looking instruments and switchgear that were in keeping with those in the P5.

Bobs Cyclops dash Laurie's Cyclops full dashboad
Rob's refurbished dashboard crop2 DSCN0129 cropped
 DG 110 dashboard panel DG 110 dash sweep view


Handbrake levers featuring the early cyclops, shepherd's crook lever and the drivers seat side lever that was introducecd for the 1954 model year and removed for 1955.

Laurie's handbrake Black painted handbrake lever
Klaus side handbrake chrome Eamonn's handbrake


Cyclops column gear change lever, the standard P4 adjustable floor gear change lever, the 105R Roverdrive selector, the Freewheel engagment control for models earlier than 80/100 and 95/110 and finally the Overdrive switch for the later models. Kick-down out of overdrive, using amicro-switch on the accelerator pedal, was also included but this was deleted for 95 and 110 models.

Laurie's handbrake Black painted handbrake lever
Alex's 105R dashboard Daryl freewheel control
Oliver's overdrive switch