Buying a P4

Rover P4s are frequently advertised by classic car dealers, eBay and other organisations. The P4 Mart on this website is also a good source of P4s as they are invariably being sold by people who are known to the Guild. Cars are also advertised on the Guild's Facebook Group. Classic Car Weekly published a helpful buying guide and this can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

The Guild has several regional groups across the UK which hold monthly pub meetings. By joining the Guild and attending the meetings you will be able to meet P4 owners and discuss buying a car. There is often many years' worth of P4 ownership experience at these meetings and members will offer to provide guidance on cars that are for sale. Please check the Regional Group information on this website to establish if there is a regional group conveniently located to you.

Like all classic cars, there are points to watch for when buying a P4 and the Guild provides a pre-purchase checklist to assist you when viewing a car. The checklist can be printed so that you can take a copy with you. The checklist is downloadable using the link at the bottom of this article.

There are normally several P4s being advertised by the sources mentioned above so there is no need to feel pressurised into buying the first car you see. Taking your time by looking at a few P4s, using the checklist and if possible involving a Guild member will ensure that you buy a P4 that is a sound investment. All models of P4 have their charm and it will come down to how you feel about the car that you are viewing and whether it accords with your budget. Later P4s are capable of crusing at national limits easily, however, even the earliest models can cruise at speeds that are comfortable in modern traffic. The key aspect is to drive the car you are considering and form your own judgement.

Please click HERE to download Classic Car Weekly's Rover P4 Buying Guide.

Please click HERE to download the Pre-purchase checklist to assist you when viewing a P4.