As a result of a significant increase in his day-time job demands, our Regional Support Officer (RSO) has reluctantly stepped down from the role. Significant progress has been made whilst in the role and we are all very grateful to him for his efforts. We are now looking for a Guild member who can further develop the RSO role. The responsibilities, in summary, are to engage with the Regional Reps to assist them in meeting the needs of the local Guild members and additionally help set up new/revised regional groups. The Guild's regional groups provide a vital member service as the local component of support, events and social activities.

The role is a member of the Guild committee where they can also contribute to the overall direction of the Guild's development.

Committee directors receive honorary Guild membership.

The success of the Guild relies on members volunteering to assist with its overall management for the benefit of all. If you are interested in finding our more about these roles then please contact Eamonn Burnell, details on the inside front cover of Overdrive, for an informal discussion.