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** SPECIAL OFFER  - The Guild is very pleased to advise that members can now buy a set of new remanufactured door sill matts for £60 plus £8 delivery for the UK and European members, and £15 delivery for members elsewhere. Please order via the Guild’s e-commerce service on this website, or contact our Regalia Officer, Paul Oliver, using the details in Overdrive. The Guild's e-commerce service shows pictures of these superb sill mats that have been installed in a P4. This represents another cost saving benefit of being a member of the Guild.

Guild Regalia and Remanufactured Parts, excluding door sill mats, are now available to those who are not paid up Guild members with a 20% item price increase. Those who wish to make a purchase can use the e-commerce service accessible from the Regalia, Publications and Parts Quick Link on the right. The Guild's Regalia Officer will check all orders to ensure that those who are not Guild members are ordering at the higher item prices.

However, you might find that by joining the Guild, the regalia pricing, along with the other membership benefits, offer a better value solution for you. Now is the time to join for new 2021 membership year.