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Rover P4 Drivers' Guild 2018 National Rally at Crich Tramway Museum

Important News - 16/10/2018

Content testing is continuing - a couple of minor issues have been identified. Further updates will be provided over the coming couple of days.

Important News - 10/10/2018:

The Guild website content has been loaded onto the new hosting service supplier's infrastructure and will be testing its operation over the coming days. The Forum software and database have been copied and will be loaded onto the new hosting service over the coming days.

Once testing has been completed arrangements will be made for www.roverp4dg.org.uk to "point" to the new hosting service. For now, the website continues to be available but the Forum has to remain out of action to ensure that no new posts are added to make the backup copy out of date.


Important News - 2/10/2018:

Later this evening the Guild Forum will cease being available as the required database backup and other file saving processes will commence in readiness for the transfer to the new hosting service.

Important News - 1/10/2018:

The Rover P4 Drivers' Guild website and forum will be moving to a new hosting service during the coming couple of weeks. During the transition there will be times when the website will not be accessible. Also, during the transition period, the Forum will be disabled to enable a full backup can be taken so that the latest position can then be loaded onto the new hosting service. As dates are firmed up, more information will be presented here.



Key events to celebrate the Rover P4's 70th anniversary in 2019 have been added to the Events page which can be accessed by the menu item on the left.


In addition to handbooks, parts catalogues and workshop manuals, two other great books are also available from the Guild's Regalia Officer. The Rover P4 Technical Tips Book, Second Edition, is an invaluable collection of articles advising on various aspects of P4 maintenance. Non-members pay 14.95 UK Pounds (or 20.95 UK Pounds if not in the UK), but to our members the UK price is just 6 UK Pounds, or 12 UK Pounds if not in the UK.
Also available, is James Taylor's new book "Rover P4 - The Sales Literature", which catalogues all  the advertising brochures produced by the Rover Company during the P4's production. Its price to members is 10 UK Pounds (UK) or 11 UK Pounds (elsewhere). Price to non-members is 14 UK Pounds UK or 15 UK Pounds elsewhere. (NB prices do not include postage & packing). Why not join the Guild to obtain the membership benefits as well as the lower book prices? Members will find the Regalia Officer's details in the Guild magazines. Non-members wishing to purchase these books should contact the Regalia Officer via the "Contact The Guild" website page.

The Rover P4 Drivers' Guild's Confidentiality and Privacy Statement for members of the Guild, in respect of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation, can be found here. Please contact the Guild's Webmaster with any questions you have.