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The forum is still not operating properly and daily contact with TalkTalk Business to obtain a resolution is occuring. The problem has been caused by their third party hosting provider applying an update to the PHP software on the server infrastructure without due regard to applications running live. In our case this is a phpBB forum which operates "on top" of the server PHP software. The Guild apologises for this extremely poor practice. Updates will be posted as more information comes to light. In the meanwhile please do not add new posts to the Forum if you gain access to it as the Guild is pushing for a restore of the whole environment, to the point just before the update, to establish a sound operational basis.


The Rover P4 Drivers' Guild 40th Anniversary National Rally can be booked online by clicking here.

Roverfest, the Joint Rover Clubs' celebration of the V8 engine, can be booked online by clicking here.

If you are encountering problems with Joining or Renewing membership using Safari on an Apple device please download Chrome. There is an intermittent problem with the latest version of Safari.

We have managed to hold the membership fee for the last nine years.  However, due to costs steadily creeping up we are reluctantly increasing the subscription by £2 to £27 for UK members, £35 for other parts of Europe and £37 for the rest of the World. Even after this small increase, we believe our fees are still amongst the lowest of any major classic car owners’ club.

Rover P4 Drivers' Guild 2016 National Rally "avenue of P4s" 

In addition to handbooks, parts catalogues and workshop manuals, two other great books are also available from the Guild's Regalia Officer. The Rover P4 Technical Tips Book, Second Edition, is an invaluable collection of articles advising on various aspects of P4 maintenance. Non-members pay £14.95 (or £20.95 if not in the UK), but to our members the UK price is just £6, or £12 if not in the UK.
Also available, is James Taylor's new book "Rover P4 - The Sales Literature", which catalogues all  the advertising brochures produced by the Rover Company during the P4's production. Its price to members is £10 (UK) or £11 (elsewhere). Price to non-members is £14 UK or £15 elsewhere. (NB prices do not include postage & packing). Why not join the Guild to obtain the membership benefits as well as the lower book prices? Members will find the Regalia Officer's details in the Guild magazines. Non-members wishing to purchase these books should contact the Regalia Officer via the "Contact The Guild" website page.
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