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25/9/17 - Message for Guild members, the Members Only Pages on this website are back in action.

27/9/17 - Guild Forum Update
It's been a long time coming but the Forum is now operational. Having been misled by TalkTalk Business (TTB), who advised that their 3rd party hosting supplier HADN'T changed anything on the server infrastructure, leading to me spending hours (with the support of a good friend) looking into a phpBB software problem, it turns out that their 3rd party HAD changed aspects of the server and corrupted the Forum database. TTB have been unable to restore the database BUT we have found a copy of the Forum database from April this year. This database has, this evening, been uplifted to the current version of the phpBB software and is now live. This does mean that information on the Forum from April till June this year has been lost but the large legacy of information from the preceding years has been recovered. The Forum has been much less active over recent years owing to the growing popularity of the Facebook Group so the percentage of lost information is not that great. People who registered between these dates will need to register again. Copies of the database are now on my home environment should there be any further TTB challenges. TTB has advised me that other customers have suffered at the hands of their 3rd party actions and that they are withdrawing from the hosting service market. Over the coming few months I will be migrating the Guild website and Forum to the new hosting service which we are already using for the e-commerce facilities (membership and regalia). I am sorry that this has taken so long but it has taken significant time to get answers from TTB and phpBB support to find a way forward to preserve the Forum content as far as possible. Regards, Guild Webmaster

6 month Guild membership is now available to cover the last 6 months of the membership year from 1st June 2017. To join, please click on the Guild e-Commerce link on the menu to the left.

Rover P4 Drivers' Guild 2017 40th Anniversary National Rally at the British Motor Museum

In addition to handbooks, parts catalogues and workshop manuals, two other great books are also available from the Guild's Regalia Officer. The Rover P4 Technical Tips Book, Second Edition, is an invaluable collection of articles advising on various aspects of P4 maintenance. Non-members pay 14.95 (or 20.95 if not in the UK), but to our members the UK price is just 6, or 12 if not in the UK.
Also available, is James Taylor's new book "Rover P4 - The Sales Literature", which catalogues all  the advertising brochures produced by the Rover Company during the P4's production. Its price to members is 10 (UK) or 11 (elsewhere). Price to non-members is 14 UK or 15 elsewhere. (NB prices do not include postage & packing). Why not join the Guild to obtain the membership benefits as well as the lower book prices? Members will find the Regalia Officer's details in the Guild magazines. Non-members wishing to purchase these books should contact the Regalia Officer via the "Contact The Guild" website page.
Do you use Facebook? If you would like to join the Guild's Facebook Group please click on the link within the menu on the left.